Clinical nutritionist Dr. Susan Lark suggests four to six glasses over a day are required. This amount, she says, is sufficient to restore balance from acidification. It should be part of a regular program to help the body buffer the effects of acid in the diet. Over acidity can result in various conditions and alkaline water is an appropriate aid, when used with other remedies, for winter conditions like bronchitis, colds or flu. Its excess supply of free electrons makes it as valuable as vitamin C and similar products as an anti-oxidant. Taken long term it aids the body in avoiding major issues such as heart disease, strokes and a range of other health problems.

“The effects of electrolyzed alkaline water are more far-reaching than simply increasing raise the pH value of the body’s cells and tissues along with neutralizing acids,” states Dr. Lark. It’s the chemical process. The addition of free electrons through electrolysis helps.

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